Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Good afternoon

Hope all is well. 
Not too much to report this week so let’s summarize in a few short sentences.

Many buyers have made peace with the new situation and are booking product at these crazy levels while others are still holding off and claiming that these prices are not justified and do not reflect real market price. We have seen a slowdown in trading throughout he USA and Europe but I wouldn’t call it quiet at all. It’s very hard to tell if we’ll see the market come down in the close future. All I can say is that if trading will stay on the slow side- it’ll force the processors to lower pricing a little but not by much. Do keep in mind that domestic inventories are tight or better if we say almost depleted!  and I think it’ll still take a while for this to change, so even if we see this market starting to come down soon it’ll take a while till we’ll start feeling it here.  Time will tell…. 

While we’re heading into the holiday season pecans are almost nowhere to be found anymore… most processors are fully sold out until new crop. Prices have spiked once again and will very likely stay up there throughout the year. If you still need any additional coverage for 2016 I’d recommend on buying ASAP. 

Buyers seem to be comfortable with the current levels and are buying as needed. Europe was active over the past 2 weeks with some light activity from the USA as well. New crop tends to be trading at about 5-10 cents below current crop with most buyers predicting the crop to be larger than estimated. We are not foreseeing any major changes at this point.

California has an excellent crop this year and prices are competitive right now. We are also hoping that the imported raisins will come in just as competitive. Booking some might be a smart move- with very little risk. 

No major changes to report on this crop however we have some good position available that we can offer at very competitive levels. Feel free to call for any inquiries. 

Pineapple & Mango:
Tropicals like papaya & ginger should be plenty available with stable prices. Pineapple & Mango have become very tight with not much product available to ship from origin until new crop. We expect this to have a strong effect on pricing and it’ll probably not be before Nov-Dec that we’ll see prices soften up again.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and hope to be able to quote you some business very soon. 


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