Friday, September 05, 2008

The weather pattern over California this week

The weather pattern over California this week brought near normal conditions for the middle of August. The state is very dry, except for extreme northern California, north of the city of Ukiah. The Pacific High continues to dominate the Golden State steering most storms into the Pacific Northwest. However, rain did fall north of Ukiah, California from the tail end of cold fronts moving into the Northwest, ranging from a trace up to about half an inch of precipitation. Sky conditions were mostly clear for the rest of California. Daytime high temperatures throughout the state were seasonable with 60s and 70s along the immediate coast, 80s to upper 90s in the valley and foothills, uppers 90s to around 120 in the desert, and 70s through the lower 90s in the mountains.
Nut crops
Almond harvest remained underway. Some groves were still being irrigated. Walnut orchards were being prepared for harvest. Some walnut groves were also irrigated. Treatments for husk fly and mites continued in some areas.