Thursday, October 19, 2006

India: cashew exports decline during H1 this fiscal

Cashew exports have declined during the first half of this fiscal, though during September alone there were considerable increase. Given the trend which was expected to sustain, exports during the remaining months should help in making the goods decrease, according to Cashew Export Promotion Council chairman Walter D’Souza who has been re-elected for another term. At the annual general meeting (AGM) of Cashew Export Promotion Council here, he said that during April-September exports were 58,210 tonne

worth Rs 1,222.93 crore as against 59,112 tonne worth Rs 1,331.41 crore during the corresponding period last year. There was a 1.53% fall in quantity and 8.15% in value. Even the unit value realisation decreased by 6.72% to Rs 210.09 per kg as against Rs 225.23 last year. However, this decrease could be offset given the positive growth in exports during September alone.

A total 7,228 tonne valued at Rs 152.31 crore was exported when it was 6,373 tonne worth Rs 139.78 crore during September 2005, registering a 13.42% rise in quantity and 8,96% in value. He added with installed capacity of the cashew processing industry estimated to be around 12 lakh tonne annually, the industry was forced to import raw nuts.

During the last fiscal, 5.65 lakh tonne was imported when the total production in the country was 5.73 lakh tonne. It was important that domestic production had to be not only increased but productivity at 815 kg per hectare had to be raised on par with Vietnam where it was 2,000 kg per hectare.

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