Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Other" Nuts/Dried Fruits

So, I've been a bit lax in updating the blog, which I blame on the workload and lack of significant market update since the last one...(This is a lot better excuse than simple "laziness")

c/o Mr. Henry Stimler

Market has been strong but we all feel an upcoming lull in the market, which is to be expected since everyone is awaiting the June 30th objective report, so customers and growers are treading very carefully. Pick up what you need spot and await the numbers. Again post report we don’t think we will see any sort of a dip if anything it will just be at a stable plateau. Post report we feel the big growers will open strong and wait for market resistance or acceptance.

As far as almonds 27-30 that has moved a bit since not that much supply around currently.


We have felt strong movement in the recent days and weeks and the price is moving in an upward trend. The next crop is not till November 15th, and the demand for the holidays will be very high with not that much inventory meaning it will be a sellers market for old crop. Post crop we think that pricing will come down, but it seems that the freeze did some affect on crop numbers.


The price is what it is and we are seeing very little fluctuation in price and don’t think we will see much movement till new crop Sept/Oct


Yes pricing is high right now but for forward contracting post Sept we will see a price drop and we advice to start forward booking at that time for best possible pricing.


Pricing has gone through the roof but we are sitting pretty having purchased very well and have a good amount of stock, if you have contracts it’s going to be very tough to get product out now at anything resembling a normal price and we think this item is going to be retired by a lot of people and retailers till next year.

We are now coming into the summer months, which are traditionally a bit slower than Q1 and Q4.  Majority of customers are now gearing up and planning for Q3/Q4.  Everyone is watching and testing the markets carefully to decide best time to commit to contracting for this year's holiday season.  Please check back with us frequently for additional updates as they become available.

Thank you.
-Thomas Kim

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