Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Almond Shipment, January 2014

Please find the shipment numbers from January 2014

Domestic Shipments for the month were 52.25mm lbs. or +17% of Jan.’13 shipments which totaled 44.65mm lbs.

Domestic Shipments crop year to date were 317.9mm lbs. or +12% over previous crop year shipments of 284.9mm lbs.

Export Shipments for the month were 108.0mm lbs. or -3% vs. Jan.’13 shipments of 111.9mm lbs.

Export Shipments crop year to date were 752mm lbs. or +2.8% vs. crop year to date last year shipments of 731.4mm lbs.

Total industry shipments for Jan.’14 were 160.3mm lbs. or +2.4% of Jan’13 shipments which totaled 156.5mm lbs.

Crop year to date shipments are 1,070 billion pounds or +5.3% of last crop year to date shipments of 1.016 billion pounds.

January’14 shipments were a record for January and the 4th monthly record this crop year.  Year to date crop receipts are 1.98 billion lbs.

Crop is approx.. 67% sold, which is just above the 5 year average of 65%.

I had a interesting email from one of our suppliers...
Me : ... Please advise on what effect will this(report) have on prices
Vendor : ... Up Up and Away~!...

Well, I'm glad that one of us is happy about the rising prices...

-T. Kim

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