Monday, August 23, 2010

Pistachios market update

Most grower/packers have not been doing much business as they feel the market will go up. Harvest is going to be delayed 2+ weeks so earliest shipment will be end of Oct.

I have seen some quotes at the $3.90/lb for R/S US X #1 Pistachios done two weeks ago.

I had another quote at $4.00/lb for R/S US X#1 last week.

It appears that some rumors find this crop to be the on year with estimated pounds around 400 million so bigger than last years, Iran is coming in also with a 400,000,000 pounds. Together you got 800,000,000 pounds usage is about
a billion
it's really does not look a like they have enough to finish a the year.
Paramount claims to be booking lots of business both domestic and export


Φιστίκης said...

Can you please update this pistachios market update? said...

This will not have effect in fact, that's exactly what I suppose.