Tuesday, August 14, 2007

• It’s an ‘on’ year for most of the crop
• ‘We’re bursting at the limbs’ Central Valley pistachio growers expect a record-breaking crop this season.
Pistachio trees produce larger crops in alternating years, and orchards in most growing regions are in the "on" year of the cycle.
Preseason weather has also encouraged pistachio production and quality.
“We’re bursting at the limbs,” says Craig Colson, Kern County pistachio farm advisor. “I think this is going to be a real good year for pistachios. I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing out there.”
Observers say harvest may start a few days early, with an average start date of September 1st.
California orchards produce 95 percent of the pistachios grown in the U.S.
Mr. Colson says researchers are working on early varieties of the popular nut in an effort to extend the season.

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