Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pecan growers encouraged to support commission
By Linda S. Morris -
Georgia pecan growers are encouraged to participate in the reaffirmation referendum currently being held by the Georgia Pecan Commission.
The commission coordinates promotion, education and research programs for the state's pecan industry, according to a news release.
Producers growing 30 acres or more of pecans are eligible to vote in the statewide referendum, and they have until June 2 to return ballots distributed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the release stated. Eligible producers who have not received a ballot should contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at (404) 656-3678.
The commission was established by Georgia pecan producers in 1995 and must be reaffirmed every three years.
"(The Georgia Pecan Commission) has increased the visibility of pecans nationwide using a multi-media campaign and has supported numerous research projects that have benefited growers," Georgia Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said in the release. "On behalf of Georgia Farm Bureau, I would like to encourage pecan producers to support the commission."

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